Barclays Fail

Barclays Bank have just updated their online banking facility and I’m deeply unimpressed with the result. The problems I’ve faced so far are:

  • The site’s incredibly slow and often times out
  • The site claims that it’s possible to use either PINsentry or┬ápasscode and memorable word to log in but only presents the option for the former. Nowhere can I find out how to use the second option.
  • Even if by some miracle I manage to get logged in, when I try to view the recent transactions the system waits for ages and then presents me with an error message.

This is simply not good enough for an organisation of Barclays’ size and importance. Next time, people, don’t launch a new version of the site until it’s actually ready. Please.

Update: Juliet and I went into the bank yesterday (Monday, 2nd April 2012) to open a new joint account. The lady we spoke to there was incredibly helpful and explained how to set up passcode/memorable word login. I still think that it needs to be made more obvious and explained better, though. The other, speed-related, issues seem to have been sorted out as well now.

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