A Bit of a Catch-Up

It’s been a while since I posted here. I really must get better at updating. Sorry. Anyway, I thought I’d just say a little bit about what’s been happening. We’ve set a date for the wedding – 21st April 2013 – and have already booked the venue and arranged for the rabbi to perform a blessing. The very wonderful Camille O’Sullivan has agreed to play for us, as have my friends Eddy and Amanda and their ceilidh band. Juliet’s outfit is being planned, and I’m thinking carefully about mine.

We’re also just on the point of exchanging contracts on a three bedroom semi-detached house in Rickmansworth, thanks to Juliet’s parents, who have been incredibly kind and generous to me. Once it’s ours, the builder will be going in to do some essential repairs and then it’ll be up to us to fix it up and decorate it. We don’t plan on moving in until next year, so there’s plenty of time to do stuff. The place has a very nice garden, complete with shed and summer house, so we’ll need to keep that tidy too. And dig a vegetable patch. Of course.

It’s all very exciting and I feel unbelievably lucky.

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