Idle Bastard

I was going to go and see V for Vendetta today but I was out drinking last night and, quite frankly, I didn’t feel even remotely like going anywhere or doing anything, so instead I kicked around at home and watched Alien Resurrection on DVD.

And yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day. I was good – I phoned my mother earlier. Hell, I even phoned my brother, which is a very rare occurrence.

4 thoughts on “Idle Bastard

  1. nick jordan says:

    a i ave da same name az u no joke, iz ur middle name davis by any chance and do u ave ginger hair coz if ya do ur me double write bk 2 me address

  2. Nick says:

    Please try and learn not to write gibberish.

  3. John Carew says:

    Nicky me boyo………

    persoanlly speaking – I didn’t enjoy “V-Vendetta” as much as I was expecting to. Knowing how much you HATE any transport of more than two wheels … I just HAD to tell you about the bumper sticker that I have only just seen in Southwark Street. It was a huge Isuzu Trooper 4×4 and was on the back bumper. It read …….. “The Car in front is my crumple zone”

    Arrogant Bastard


  4. Anonymous says:

    Please try TO learn not to write gibberish

    Pot/kettle etc

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