Time For A Small Rant

Some Christians who run B&Bs are objecting to a law that forces them to accept bookings from anyone. Well, tough fucking shit, people. Just because you’re a self-confessed bigot, that doesn’t give you the right to bring your intolerance into your business. If you don’t want people who are gay, unmarried or of another (or no) faith staying under your roof, don’t run a Bed and Breakfast. You’ll still be a nasty, small-minded idiot but at least you’ll sleep easy in your bed knowing that nobody is daring to be different from you in your home.

5 thoughts on “Time For A Small Rant

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve just been to Poland where my gf told me she’d just been to a lecture saying there is a way of curing the homosexual “disease”!!

    They are stuck so far up their own arses they can’t tolerate any opinions apart from theirs.

    Unfortunately I made me feelings known publicly. Atheism really is not a viable choice there!

  2. I see your point, though with indignation. Sweeping all of Christendom into ‘narrow-minded bigots’ just seems unfair to be honest. I’ll warrent that it was probably a magot minority of Christians who own B&B’s who piped up at all, and they are not the voice of Christendom. I am not really understanding the intolerance toward Christianity these days, seems to be unbelievably offensive to say you believe the words of Jesus, offensive, I dare say, to those who’ve never thought it worth the investigation. If I am to jump on your generalising, intolerant (of opinions you disagree with because they are ‘intolerent’) and frankly moronic wagon I would have to say that ‘Muslims are reigning terror on our streets’. How does that sound without any caveat to say ‘minority’ or ‘extremist’? While not defending anything violent, I think you would do well to remember the sentiments of Voltaire, that vehement oponent of the Catholic church, who stated that while he may not agree with what you have to say, he will defend your right to say it tooth and nail!

  3. Just noticed you said ‘Some’ at the beginning of the rant, so I’ll take back what I said about generalising to all of Christendom if that was reading too much into the tone of your rant.

  4. benny – I was only having a go at the particular people that the article I linked to is talking about. I firmly believe that sweeping generalisations aren’t helpful and, while I’m not exactly enamoured of most religions, I don’t believe for a moment that all religious people are narrow-minded bigots.

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